Car Park System

A professional system of safety and accessibility for parking areas, such as under vehicle scanners, long-range and short-range card readers, parking guidance systems, automatic payment parking systems, manual cashier systems, and even automated parking systems for speed and efficient use of space.

Ticket Dispenser

Device for automatic ticket dispenser which provides both a push button and a touchless button

Barrier Gate

Barrier gate device that works with the car parking system to automatically control gate access.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Automatic vehicle license plate reading system using license plate reading software can read both Thai and numeric to convert the data to be stored by working with the car parking management system to verify cars entering the parking lot.

Under Vehicle Scanner

Automatic under vehicle scanning system to find unusual objects upon which an immediate alert will be sent when objects are found that do not match the database.

Car Guidance

Parking guidance system for users with 2 forms: 1. Show the status at the parking slot 2. Display the number of the parking slot via the display board or application.

Car Counting

Car counting system uses an intelligent counting system sensors, communicating directional count and show occupancy data to parking management systems.

Parking Navigation

Parking navigation system, works by navigating from user-searched location to a specific parking slot or suggests the nearest parking slot.

Find My Car

The parking position search system, by navigating from user-searched location to their car.

EV Charging Station

EV Charger or EV Charging Station provides a battery charger for electric vehicles. Charging stations for electric vehicles have already been installed throughout the country and continue to increase whether in the streets or in shopping malls.

Car Park Management

Full service parking lot management from equipment installation to operation by procuring and installing all equipment related to the parking system according to the needs of each project, including service and maintenance.

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